Air purifier Dubai

Air purifier Dubai

Water systems all over the world are being threatened by large numbers of contaminants that pose a wide range of dangers to households. Since water is used for bathing, washing, dishes, cooking, and drinking, the contaminants can easily affect people’s health. Due to the rise in water pollutants, the water purifier market also formed. And now, the market is quite congested with all the different systems available. These systems work in different ways but towards one purpose: ensuring your safety from contaminated water.

Different Methods

  1. Distillation

The oldest water purifier system is distillation, which simply heats the water up to boiling point in order to kill any bacteria in it. The good thing about distillation is that it is simple but very effective, which is why it is commonly used in homes and for commercial use. The bad thing about it is that it uses a lot of water purifier and energy.

  1. Ion exchange

Ion exchange is a water treatment system where in resin material in the form of beads is added to water to cleanse the water’s ions. This is an effective way of clearing out unwanted ions from water, but is not that effective against a wide range of possible contaminants. This is why ion exchange systems are often used only as pre-filter and is often followed by another more thorough mineral water purifier process.

  1. Carbon water purification

Water purification using carbon technology is a very common method and is the base technology used in one too many water purifier systems available in the market. This process uses activated carbon; some use blocks of carbon while others use granulated carbon. By exposing water to the carbon, various chemicals and gases are removed, resulting to tasteless and odorless, perfectly clean water. These purifiers can eliminate coli form, asbestos, and even lead.

reverse osmosis system

Air purifier Dubai

  1. Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is another highly popular and well-trusted system. The RO technology uses a semi-permeable membrane where water passes through. In the process, whatever contaminants are lurking in your water supply are caught by the membrane and left on one side as the water passes on and continues out of your pipes. Promising up to 99% success rates, the best RO water purifier systems gain a remarkable level of trust from several consumers.

  1. UV filtration

UV filtration is one of the most advanced and the most recent filtration technologies. This uses high frequency UV light to kill contaminants in water. By exposing water to the UV light, any dangerous minerals as well as all harmful microorganisms are killed off. This is said to be very thorough and very effective. It also does not use any large and heavy mechanism, which is why there are a lot of portable UV purifiers.

Different Types of Purifiers

After choosing which specific water purification method you will trust, it’s time to choose the specific type of water purifier system you prefer or would most be useful for you.

If you want one that supplies clean water all throughout your home, you should get whole house water purifier systems. If you target specific water sources, you can choose from faucet filters, refrigerator filters, and showerhead filters.

For most sink filters, you can also choose from under sink or counter top models. And of course, for travelling purposes, you have a wide variety of portable types to choose from.


Air purifier Dubai

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