anti hair fall shower filter

Anti Hair Fall Shower Water Filter


                                       Aqua Care RO System UAE

Hair loss is one of the strongest fears for men and women in certain age. International institute research has shown that men aged 25-29 are more worried with losing their hairs with other age-related predictabilities like skin aging; 45% of men and women have experienced hair loss in the UAE, water is reason behind the hair fall is the salted chlorine tap water, Aqua Care RO Anti Hair fall Shower Purifier can be considered as one of the most effective hair loss treatment methods today. Use Aqua Care RO Anti hair fall Shower filter to protect your hair, control hair fall and protect your skin Aqua Care RO pure shower water filter is advance technique help you to stop your hair fall and dandruff controller; shower helps to removes chlorine and other chemicals from the water up-to 99% from shower water and stops hair loss, skin allergies. Aqua Care RO anti hair fall shower filter best hair treatment. Aqua Care RO always try to improve this filter to works very well on keeping chlorine and other harmful chemicals out of your water.


  • Remove 99% chlorine from water
  • Remove 98% metal particles contained in water
  • Remove chemical substance from water
  • Stop the growth of bacteria by applying KDF filter
  • Stop hair fall Reduce Dandruff


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