Aqua Care RO 6 Stage Water filter

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Aqua Care RO Water Filter

Aqua Care RO Reverse osmosis technology is a water purification system use a semipermeable membrane to remove particles from drinking water; Casing RO water Stage 6 water filter Reverses Osmosis system is Suitable for both wall-mounted and under-counter with Graceful looking, Good pump position Easy maintenance R.O Stage 6 removes Impurities such as metals particles, inorganic chemicals, viruses, germs, algae, parasites and pesticides are trapped in the membrane while clean pure drinking water flows to the storage tank and faucet providing you a continuous supply of sparkling clear delicious water with the contaminants removed.

Aqua Care RO 6 stage water filter Reverses Osmosis system water releases the real tastes of your foods leaving you with food that looks and tastes improved pure water filter. Aqua Care RO 6 stage water filter (Reverses Osmosis) system pure water release the true flavors of your food leaving you with food that looks and taste better. R.O Stage 6 (Reverses Osmosis) system is also excellent to bottled pure water saving you money, protecting your atmosphere and assuring quality of water your sink


1. Sediment Pre-filter First stage of per-filter of sediment removes heavy duty large particles. Such as sand from water rust, scale and dirt.

2. Activated Carbon Filter Stage 2 activated carbon reduces organic molecules and chlorine. Which gets rid of odor and improves the taste of your water.

3. Sediment and Activated Carbon Filter RO 6 stage 3 Activated Carbon Filters small dust and particles from the activated carbon.

it help preserve the R.O STAGE 6 (REVERSES OSMOSIS) membrane.

4. RO Membrane Filter Stage 4 membrane is the most necessary stage in this filtering process. RO Membrane Filters remove all unsafe particles larger than 0.00001 micron, leaving you with pure water.

5. RO Activated Carbon Filter Stage 5 confirms your RO water is clear of organic molecules and chlorine. That harmfully affect the taste and smell of your drinking water.

6. Mineralizing Cartridge This cartridge replaces necessary minerals that are good for you and make your water taste great.

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