Shower filter Dubai

Shower filter Dubai

Reverse osmosis water purification is a water treatment process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that has very small pores. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. Chlorine is a potentially harmful chemical. While it is vital to disinfection, chlorine can bond with naturally occurring organic matter to form potentially harmful substances, such as chloroform. Other substances that can enter our drinking supply are rust, sediment, and even lead. While flowing through distribution pipes from the treatment plant to homes, it can pick up these pollutants after it’s already been treated by¬†Shower water filter Dubai.

Reverse osmosis water purification for home water treatment is a modern water purification process, although the process has also been used extensively for industrial processes. Reverse osmosis water purification decreases dissolved minerals in the water. It successfully treats water with high salt content, and dissolved minerals such as nitrate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, aluminum, fluoride, silica, boron and bicarbonate. RO is also effective on some taste, color and odor-producing chemicals, certain organic contaminants, and specific pesticides.

Shower filter Dubai

Reverse osmosis water purification is a good choice if you’re concerned about a wide range of contaminants – especially chemicals and heavy metals like lead – and want the convenience and extra reassurance of drawing triple-filtered water directly from the tap. A reverse-osmosis system offers advantages such as creating a three-tiered barrier so that a few contaminants can penetrate. Its main disadvantage is that it wastes some tap water for every liter that gets filtered. Also it is more expensive than conventional water purifier.

Shower filter Dubai

Kent presents one of the world’s finest water purifiers based on patented Mineral RO(TM) technology. Mineral RO water purifier offer pure and healthy water that is:

o 100% pure… free from bacteria and viruses as it is purified through RO followed by UV sterilization.

o Free from dissolved impurities like salts and heavy metals as it is purified by RO process.

o Enriched with essential natural minerals too as it is purified by Mineral RO technology.

Kent’s high quality Mineral Reverse Osmosis system is the most economic, most effective and yet most affordable. It’s the best solution for your water problems today and tomorrow. Kent’s Mineral Reverse Osmosis system is designed for optimal performance and is the most advanced and effective technology in high purity drinking water systems.


Shower filter Dubai

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