aqua water filter abu dhabi

aqua water filter abu dhabi

aqua water filter abu dhabi

At Aqua Care Dubai we know that water is a precious resource – We take seriously our responsibility to protect and provide this essential resource. one that plays a critical role in sustaining life. We do all these with integrity and transparency.We are committed to sustainable business practices; excellent customer service; attracting and developing top talent; the strategic growth of our company; delivering shareholder value; investing in technology and infrastructure; and giving back to the communities in which we operate. aqua water abu dhabi

Aqua Care RO System is a UAE Base Company That Deal all kind of Water Filter, home water filter , industry water filter , shower and RO System.

The business RO framework 100 LPH are utilized as a part of different little enterprises, organizations and inns can without much of a stretch cleanse and expel different broke up pollutions. Our RO frameworks are intended to meet the particular prerequisites of the customers. These frameworks give totally microorganisms free safe water and have a long life.

Reverse Osmosis  (RO) Units: Reverse osmosis units force water through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure,leaving contaminants behind.Reverse osmosis units use approximately three times as much water as they treat,but they are effective in eliminating all diseasecausing
organisms and most chemical contaminants


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