water hardness in dubai

water hardness in dubai

What is Water Hardness And How To Solve This Problems ?


we can say that Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. These elements occur naturally in all water supplies. The town water supply is fed by wells which tend to be harder than surface sources such as lakes and reservoirs. The increased hardness is caused by the natural percolation of water through the soil. When surface water passes through the ground it collects minerals, which results in hard water.

water hardness dubai  Your water is considered “hard’ when it has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. Water is a good solvent and these minerals dissolve in it as it moves through soil and rock and are carried along, eventually ending up in your water supply.


Can Hard Water Danger For Health ?

Hard water does not represent any peril to your well being anyway it can be an aggravation. The white mineral development that happens in sinks and lavatories, ordinarily alluded to as scale is brought on by calcium and magnesium from hard water. Scale development is expanded anyplace boiling hot water is utilized, for example, water warmers, funnels, dishwashers, and clothing machines.

One review found that hard water can lessen the life of cloths as much as 39%. With an end goal to battle these impacts the town as of now treats the water with Aqua-Mag®; a mixed phosphate metal sequestering specialist which bonds with a portion of the calcium and magnesium making it remain in the water and not gather in pipes and apparatuses.

Notwithstanding bringing about white recoloring; scale development can diminish the productivity of water warmers especially in gas and tank-less radiators. Hard water likewise diminishes the viability of cleansers and cleansers, bringing about expanded utilization.

It doesn’t expel these minerals from the water just decrease the sum that develops in channels and machines. On the off chance that you are encountering issues with hard water, one alternative for further treatment is introduce an in-home conditioner.

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