ro water filter system

ro water filter system

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water System

Invert osmosis works by utilizing a high weight pump to build the weight on the salt side of the RO and drive the water over the semi‐permeable RO layer, leaving all (around 95% to 99%) of broke up salts behind in the reject stream. The measure of weight required relies on upon the salt grouping of the sustain water.The more thought the bolster water, the more weight is required to conquer the osmotic weight.

Switch Osmosis is an innovation that is utilized to expel an extensive larger part of contaminants from water by pushing the water under weight through a semi-penetrable film. This paper is pointed towards a group of people that has little of no involvement with Reverse Osmosis and will endeavor to clarify the fundamentals in basic terms that ought to leave the peruse with a superior general comprehension of Reverse Osmosis innovation and its applications.

RO 5 Stage  Home water filter system

  • Stage 1: 5M Sediment Filter in a white housing with flat cap and ¼” FNPT connections
  • Stage 2: Carbon Block Cartridge in a white housing with flat cap and ¼” FNPT connections
  • Stage 3: Carbon Block Cartridge in a white housing with flat cap and ¼” FNPT connections
  • Stage 4: Thin Film RO Membrane element in a white membrane housing with ⅛” FNPT connections
  • Stage 5: In-line GAC Filter for final polishing of taste and odor, ¼” quick connect in/out connections
  • 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Non-Airgap Chrome Plated Faucet
  •  RO Booster Pump – 6800 Series for 12-36 GPD, 8800 Series for 50 to 100 GPD
  • Tank Pressure Shut-Off Switch for Automatic Operation
  • Low Pressure Pump Shut-Off Switch for Pump Protection
  • Power Supply in USA, European or Japan Voltage.
  • Complete Installation kit including feed adapter, drain saddle, and other components required to install under a standard residential sink.
  • Advantages

  • Eliminate up to 99% of dissolved solids, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms and heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury from your water. Use RO purified water for drinking, cooking, and ice for improved flavor and increased health benefits.
  • System can be used to supply filtered water to a refrigerator ice-maker/water-dispenser by inserting a branch tee fitting (sold separately) between the post filter and the faucet.
  • Systems are equipped with automatic shut-off valves to eliminate waste by closing the feed line when the tank is full.
  • Quick-Connect in/out connection points for easy installation. Complete installation kit and product manual included with every system.
  • Systems are assembled on a heavy-duty SS bracket for wall-mounting under the sink or in a nearby location.
  • Save Money! Consumers typically spend billions each year on bottled water products. Use of a reverse osmosis system will eliminate the need to spend money for expensive bottled water.
  • Environmentally Friendly. The reduction in the purchase of bottled water by using a reverse osmosis system will help the environment by reducing the amount of plastics sent to landfills.
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